Bitumen and Biocarbon
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Bitumen and Biocarbon (LOW RESOLUTION)
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Bitumen and Biocarbon (HIGH RESOLUTION) (NOTE: large file; please save to your computer by right-clicking on the link rather than trying to view it online.)
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Figure 1. Location of Alberta's bituminous sands. PNG 3.4 MB
Figure 4. Location of Alberta's Oil Sands Administration Area, Surface Mineable Area, all approved and proposed surface mining projects, and existing bitumen surface leases. PNG 0.3 MB
Figure 5. Land cover types in the Oil Sands Administration Area (after Ducks Unlimited, 2009). PNG 1.4 MB
Figure 6. Soil organic carbon content for northeastern Alberta (after Tarnocai and Lacelle, 1996) PNG 0.4 MB
Figure 7. Growth of bitumen surface mining between 1974 and June 1, 2009. PNG 0.2 MB
Figure 8. Surface mining footprint from existing disturbances as of June 1, 2009, and from Approved and Proposed projects PNG 0.2 MB
Figure 9. In situ footprint assuming development of all leases approved as of December 2008 within the Oil Sands Administration Area and assuming similar extent of footprint as the OPTI-Nexen project at Long Lake PNG 0.6 MB
Figure 10. Natural land cover of Suncor and Syncrude surface mining area. PNG 1.1 MB
Figure 11. Land cover of Surface Mineable Area. PNG 2.6 MB
Figure 12. Peatlands within the Surface Mineable Area. PNG 1.5 MB
(Please credit Global Forest Watch Canada when you use our photos!)
Suncor's Tar Island tailings pond reclamation. JPG 4.6 MB
Athabasca River JPG 4.1 MB
Sulphur stockpiles at Syncrude facility with Mildred Lake tailings pond in background JPG 3.7 MB
Stack emissions from bitumen processing plants JPG 3.1 MB
Muskeg River and Shell Albian Sands tailing pond JPG 4.3 MB
Bitumen surface mining JPG 4.4 MB
Natural boreal peatland JPG 4.7 MB
Constructed ditch for draining peatlands JPG 4.6 MB
Meandering natural boreal river and forest JPG 4.8 MB
Suncor facilities and Athabasca River (foreground) JPG 3.9 MB
Closely-spaced seismic exploration lines JPG 5.2 MB
OPTI-Nexen in situ facility at Long Lake JPG 3.8 MB